Arrowhead Farms comprises nearly 2,300 acres and is located near Clinton, South Carolina, along 3-miles of the Enoree River. More than 120,000 linear feet of stream and 130 acres of wetland mitigation within five tributaries to the Enoree River have been restored. Construction began in late 2015 and will take approximately 18 months to complete.

Wetland enhancement work (53 acres) included backfilling relic agricultural ditches, building ditch checks, breaching the river levee in two places to increase river overflows, restoring more natural stream geomorphology to streams to provide more frequent overbank flow events and reconnecting diverted upland flows into the wetland area.

To enhance the wetland plant community, twenty seven 0.25-acre canopy gaps were constructed and planted randomly across the wetland area. Green ash and box elder stems were removed within the canopy gaps and re-planted with mast producing hardwood seedlings. Soil depressions left by removing trees and stumps has increased micro-topography and provide breeding habitat for herpetofauna. Most of the woody material was used for stream restoration work, however trees were left in the wetland providing coarse woody debris and wildlife ground cover habitat.