TODD PEASTER   Principal   


KENT CAMPBELL   Senior Associate and Restoration Specialist

Senior Associate and Restoration Specialist

WES RYALS   Associate


JASON BROWN   Principal and Lead Engineer

Principal and Lead Engineer


Todd brings over a decade of project management experience to Environs Design Studio and has developed a depth of practical knowledge and considerable expertise in creating memorable spaces in both the public and private sectors. He shares a passion for collaborative synergy in the design process and has been instrumental in forging a consortium of design professionals across projects of diverse scope and scale, including involvement with Georgia's 425-acre zoo and safari park where he is consulting on creative land-use planning and management of ecological systems.

Todd continues to layer his professional knowledge in landscape architecture with continuing education in real estate. He is a registered Landscape Architect in Georgia and South Carolina and is a LEED AP.

Kent’s passion for working in the natural environment led to a unique career restoring altered landscapes into functioning ecosystems. In more than 25 years in natural resource management, he has worked on aquatic and terrestrial restoration projects totaling nearly 13,000 acres and covering most eco-regions and watersheds in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States. Notable works include the Soque River Mitigation Bank on where over 9,000 linear feet of tributary streams were re-established from agricultural canals and 46-acres of wetlands were restored on drained hydric soils. Kent is currently managing the project’s operations including seven years of performance monitoring. At Arrowhead Farms in Union County, South Carolina, he is currently managing the implementation for 53-acres of wetland enhancement, 11,000 linear feet of channel restoration and 0ver 500 acres of riparian buffer plantings along the Enoree River.

Kent is a registered Landscape Architect in Georgia and has obtained professional certification with the Society of Wetland Scientists.

Growing up in the diverse environment of the Georgia Piedmont, Wes’ upbringing instilled a deep and steadfast desire to preserve, protect, and heal landscapes. Design interventions focus strongly on offering creative solutions to site specific problems. His work frequently explores the intricate relationships between architecture and the landscape. From his nationally recognized cultural landscape study on Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah to his site planning of Red Onion Farm in Reva, Virginia, Wes’s work fosters a convergence of past experiences with history and landscape architecture to examine the interwoven layers of ecology, cultural history, and historical land use practices through the lens of environmental history.

While a student at the University of Georgia, Wes was actively involved in the Cultural Landscape Laboratory in the College of Environment and Design where he received state and national honors from the American Society of Landscape Architects through his exclusive invitation to study Wormsloe.

His combined love of the outdoors, his degree in agricultural engineering and his experience in land planning led Jason to launch Georgia Civil in 2006. Since then, he's added seven new employees and extended the firm's landscape architecture capabilities with Environs Design Studio. Jason has a comprehensive understanding of the design and implementation process with highlights including the ongoing Highway 83 Stormwater Management Plan for the City of Madison. His capabilities, resources and high degree of proficiency in stormwater management, erosion control, and hydrology and feasibility studies allow for a true full-service land development firm.

Jason is a registered Professional Engineer in Georgia and Alabama.