Perched at the edge of a terraced hilltop, this Upland Piedmont Estate is a 125-acre estate farm in a bucolic, rural setting. The Design Team worked extensively with the architect to site the house in a minimally invasive manner. We also offered slope and elevation analysis, viewsheds, and plant communities documentation.

The restrained plant selections echo the simple, yet sophisticated palette of materials used in the construction of the house, such as the poolhouse created from white oak timbers harvested on site. Garden spaces delineate, enclose, and separate spaces. Landscape massing, layering, as well as the combination of various plant species form spatial and functional interconnections between the landscape and architecture.

Important design concepts on the property included a shortgrass and wildflower approach meadow to blur the lines between natural and maintained spaces, an avenue of mature oak trees that line the driveway before cresting at the hilltop and opening up to reveal the house, and orchard terraces serve to link the front and rear yards.