Our Mission

Environs [inˈvīrənz] noun

  1. the surrounding area or district, vicinity

  2. surrounding objects; surrounding environment

Environs Design Studio is a premier multi-disciplinary design firm serving clients throughout the Southeast in the fields of landscape architecture and ecological planning. The underpinning of our work is built around a collection of values and convictions that have shaped our practice and which reinforce our great commitment to serve as responsible stewards through creative and sustainable land use practices.

We recognize the critical role landscapes play in defining the essential character and quality of a place. The formulation of each landscape begins with a process-driven, holistic design approach, utilizing the characteristics of the site as a basis for design. Using a site’s unique attributes and site dynamics enables us to ground our designs in their own unique context.

Our scope and experience covers a spectrum of multi-faceted endeavors; from small garden to large farm, and civic park to watershed analysis, all to include large-scale restoration projects. Our dedication to creative collaboration leaves us well equipped to embrace the vision of individuals, agencies, non-profits and institutions alike. And our repeat client base underscores our great commitment to exemplary service.

At Environs Design Studio, we believe that environments influence experiences. And that with the right combination of planning, creativity, design and implementation, we can together also inspire.


Environs strives to meet each project with fresh eyes and an understanding of a site's unique attributes and dynamics, fostering adaptive, resilient design solutions.  Our sustainable and holistic approach to projects is adapted to fit needs of each particular site and client.

Ecological Resilience and Impact

Our design team seeks to not only minimize environmental impacts of our projects, but to enhance their ecological productivity.  We strive to convert landscapes into functioning ecosystems, reestablish botanical diversity, preserve critical habitat, as well as provide ongoing monitoring and management of resources for maximizing long-term survivability and sustained performance.


Intentional Landscapes

An informed knowledge of the natural processes that shape a site's context is an important aspect of the landscape design process.  A variety of factors are considered in making a final determination, including soil type, topography, exposure to sun, and context.  Native species are favored because of their ability to naturally adapt and flourish in a landscape. 

Nature-based and Place-based Capital

Our team believes the ideal project balances ecosystems with human need. Our design occurs at the crossroads where nature meets culture. By providing opportunities for direct engagement with the environment, we aim to foster interaction between people and nature, provide spaces for contemplation, and encourage discovery and curiosity in the landscape.


Landscape Narrative

By conducting an in-depth analysis of a site's attributes, a narrative is created that describes the landscape's ecological and cultural history, while serving as a catalyst for design.  By analyzing these systems, we gain a more thorough understanding of the complex relationships between the various elements - both contrived and "natural" - that comprise a site's character.  This understanding then directs design applications in ways that support the environment and allow for flexibility and change over time.